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Mar 04, 2001

Differentiation From Other Law Firm Competitors


I find it very difficult to differentiate our firm from the competition with respect to marketing, etc. What specific suggestions might you have regarding methods and/or ideas that we could use to increase our market share?


You need to begin asking you clients about their needs and thinking from your client's perspective. Budgetary certainty and knowing in advance how much a matter is going to cost is important to clients. Efficient operations and the general office environment is important. Lawyers that can listen to their clients and understand their clients problems. We believe that satisfying client needs and expectations, providing outstanding service quality, and adhering to the highest level of ethical standards is a strong beginning.

John W. Olmstead, MBA, Ph.D, CMC 

Posted at 08:24 PM in Marketing, Strategy
Tags: competion, Competitive Advantage, Law firm differentiation

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