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A successful law firm competitive strategy requires effective law firm management. Managing Partners and Administrators must keep updated on all aspects of law firm management.

Keeping up to date requires access to current information on law office management and business relationships with management consultants specializing in law office management. We hope that our law office management resources are beneficial to law firm owners, managing partners, administrators, and others involved in the management of law firms.

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The Lawyers Guide to Succession Planning

American Bar Association Releases John Olmstead’s Book – The Lawyers Guide to Succession Planning.

The book provides guidance to firms of all sizes, especially smaller firms and shares succession and transition processes, approaches, and step by step action plans for solo practitioners, sole owners and members of larger law firms. Access to electronic copies of checklists, project plans, documents, and agreements on the ABA website is included with the book.

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Succession/Exit Planning Question 

Fifty seems to be the point at which attorneys begin thinking about their retirement and their future. Some even consider and in fact make complete career changes at this point in their lives. Here are a few questions to begin thinking about.   

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  • The best decision when we were considering succession planning was to hire you and your firm. 
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