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Sep 12, 2012

Job Description for A Bookkeeper – 5 Attorney Law Firm


I am the owner of a five attorney firm in Chicago. Including staff we have a total of 13 people working at the firm. As we have grown our approach to handling billing and accounting has been piecemeal. We have a combination of several people handling various tasks including a couple of outsourced vendors as well. Frankly it is a mess. I want to restructure and consolidate all the tasks and responsibilities into one bookkeeper position. Do you have a job description that would help guide me in my search?


Here is a job description that might help get your started.

Position Summary

The primary function of this position is to perform the billing, bookkeeping and accounting functions of the firm. This position requires an experienced and accomplished person with a strong bookkeeping and computer background. The position requires skills and experience in bookkeeping, accounting, law firm billing and QuickBooks software as well as Microsoft Office Products. The position requires experience in a law or other professional service firm environment.

Reporting Relationship

This position reports to the firm owner.

Required Knowledge, Abilities and Skills

1.  Must have at least 2+ years bookkeeping experience as a full-charge bookkeeper with responsibilities including client billing in a law or professional service firm environment.

2.  Must have successfully completed coursework in bookkeeping/accounting. An associate degress in bookkeeping/accounting is desirable.

3.  Must have experience with law firm billing or other professional service firm (TimeSlips or appropriate software that the firm is using) and accounting software (i.e. QuickBooks) as well as Microsoft Office Products.

4.  Must possess strong administrative and organizational skills.

5.  Must have strong interpersonal and communications skills.

6.  Professional appearance and manner.


1.  Perform all bookkeeping functions

2.  Performs all client billing functions and other accounts receivable functions

3.  Pay vendor bills and manage accounts payable.

4.  Perform all data entry of cash receipts and client costs in billing and accounting systems.

5.  Perform all data entry of cash receipts and disbursements for the IOLTA trust account in the accounting systems.

6.  Process credit card transactions.

7.  Reconcile bank statements.

8.  Work up and make bank deposits for the operating and IOLTA accounts.

9.  Handle payroll.

10.  Handle Insurance

11.  Provide all required financial reports to the firm owner on a monthly basis.

12.  Filing.

13.  Coordination with the firm's accountants.

14.  Management and oversight of the billing and accounting systems.

I hope this helps you get started.

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John W. Olmstead, MBA, Ph.D, CMC 

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