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Mar 07, 2012

Growing a Law Firm: Issues to Think About


Our practice is located in Memphis. We have three attorneys, 3 paralegals, and two staff members. We will generate $1,500,000 in legal fees this year. We plan on growing the firm and hope break the $2.5 million barrier in three years. We have a very proactive marketing plan and program. What else do we need to think about?


Growth will involve more the marketing and getting more clients. Particularly a firm your size. To generate this revenue you will have to add several revenue producers which could almost double your size. Your will become a different firm. Instead of three attorneys – you may have six or seven unless your growth will occur by adding mostly paralegals. Even so, there will be more people. This will impact your physical facilities and physical plant, your systems, your IT infrastructure, approach to talent management, and how the firm is managed. Growth requires investment and puts strain on cash flow. So this needs to be planned for. If you don't have a strategic plan (see our blog under strategy section) I suggest that your consider developing one. A strategic plan will require you to think beyond the marketing plan and getting clients – and address all of the other issues that will impact the firm as you grow.

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John W. Olmstead, MBA, Ph.D, CMC

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