Keeping Your Law Firm Afloat During Turbulent Times – Reaching Out To Your Clients and Improving Client Service

Date: 12/1/2008

As the U.S. and global economy continues to head toward what appears to be a major recession businesses and individuals are struggling and are searching for ways to cope. Law firms are also facing economic uncertainty as well and looking for strategies to help keep them afloat during these times.

If we could only make one recommendation it would be: Stay closer to your clients that you ever have before and look for ways to enhance your relationship and improve service! An effective client service improvement program is one of the most important marketing initiatives that a firm can undertake. National studies demonstrate that approximately 70% of clients who stop using a particular attorney do so because they feel they were treated poorly or indifferently and 30% changed attorneys because their previous attorneys weren’t available. Clearly, from what law firms’ clients are telling us in our telephone interviews with them – attorneys and law firms need to improve client service by integrating a client-first service focus into everyday practice.

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  • Curt Tobin
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