Olmstead Takes The Floor At National Management Consultants Conference: Discusses The Future of Multidisciplinary Practices

Date: 8/16/2001

ST. LOUIS, MO., AUGUST 16, 2001 . . .

The National Bureau of Certified Consultants, Inc., has invited Dr. John W. Olmstead, Jr. to speak at its upcoming North American Conference for Management Consultants about the future of multidisciplinary practices and the opportunities of attorneys, other professional practitioners, and management consultants working together. The conference will be held in San Diego, Ca., on Nov. 4, 5 and 6, 2001.

Olmstead will discuss professional service firms organized as multidisciplinary practices in Europe, current dialog in the legal and CPA professions in the United States, and current alliances being implemented by law and other professional service firms in the United States. The presentation will focus on new opportunities for management consultants in creating alliances with attorneys, CPAs, and other professional practitioners.

In March, Olmstead received an appointment as chair of the Committee for Multidisciplinary Practices with the National Bureau of Certified Consultants. Olmstead has more than 33 years of experience in law firm management and working with professional service firms. He is president of Olmstead & Associates, a management – consulting firm based in St. Louis. He has also lectured for the Association of Legal Administrators, Missouri Trail Attorneys, IBM, Illinois State University, Illinois State Bar Association, Century University, Solo-Map CPA Association of St. Louis and many other state and local bar associations.

Olmstead & Associates is a management consulting firm based in St. Louis that works with law and other professional service firms to improve organizational performance, management, leadership development and marketing.

For more information or details about the North American Conference for Consultants in San Diego, please call the National Bureau of Certified Consultants, Inc. at (619) 297-2207 or visit their web site at www.national-bureau.com.

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