Solo But Not Alone: The Story of How a Sole Practitioner Used Coaching to Grow and Leverage His Practice

Case Study: Karl Truman Law Offices


Olmstead and Associates began a relationship with Karl Truman Law Offices almost two years ago, providing Karl Truman, the sole proprietor of his 14 year-old firm, with management consulting services to redevelop his management strategy and streamline productivity. Through an initial consultation and management review, ongoing coaching sessions and a comprehensive course of action, Olmstead and Associates successfully helped Karl Truman identify and establish goals both for the firm and the employees, maintain a proactive leadership role in his firm and ultimately increase both his employees’ job satisfaction and his firm’s profitability. Today Karl Truman Law Offices has grown from one to three practicing attorneys and nine employees with bases in both Jeffersonville, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. Olmstead and Associate’s legal management-consulting firm’s mentoring and coaching services have been instrumental in the success of the firm and its continued growth.


Olmstead and Associates attributes much of Karl Truman’s growth to having clearly defined both short-term and long-term goals for success. The following are some of Karl Truman’s objectives that were established during the ongoing consultations and coaching sessions.

  1. Restructure responsibilities within the firm to delegate tasks and improve productivity of employees.
  2. Implement proactive marketing approach to seek new business opportunities and gauge satisfaction of current clients.
  3. Instill a leadership role in sole proprietor and adopt a forward-thinking mindset within the firm.
  4. Continuously seek innovations and provide on-going coaching and mentoring services to help guide the firm.


  1. We helped Mr. Truman delegate responsibilities to outside sources as he was becoming too focused on office tasks and unable to dedicate his full concentration to managing his firm and practicing law. By advising Mr. Truman to outsource payroll and other financial and administrative responsibilities, he was able ultimately improve his own productivity by devoting more time to his practice.
  2. Since working with Olmstead & Associates, Mr. Truman has established a new leadership role within the firm that allows him to maintain an active role in overseeing the day to day operations of the firm, while also practicing law and acting as a role model for the practicing attorneys and staff of the firm.
  3. Overall we have helped the firm develop a 21st Century business strategy by delegating responsibilities and outlining each employee’s job description, therefore increasing productivity and energizing employees. We have helped market the firm to develop a first-class image while remaining focused on the clients, and continue to look for innovative ways to adjust and implement further management practices as needed.


In 2000, only two years ago, Mr. Truman felt the need to re-evaluate the structure of his firm so he employed the management consulting services of Olmstead and Associates. During this time, when Karl Truman Law Offices and Olmstead and Associates began their initial consultation, Mr. Truman’s firm was composed of two attorneys, three case managers and two staff members. Today the firm has expanded to three practicing attorneys and nine other employees, for a total of twelve employees. Through the objective and tactical relationship Olmstead and Associates has built with Mr. Truman’s firm, the firm was able to grow and expand, taking on more clients while increasing client satisfaction. Mr. Truman attributes much of his growth and success to Olmstead and Associates, helping give his firm a clearly defined direction and a paved road to get there.


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