Law Firm Strategy and Competitive Business Models


The current economic climate has caused law firms to question many of the fundamental business models that have served at the core of law firm practice management for many years. Many law firms are exploring revolutionary business models while other firms are actively discussing whether changes to their traditional approaches are needed. With an emphasis on change that can be realistically implemented we serve as adjunct advisors, facilitators, teachers and coaches to the firm’s owner or planning committee. We help facilitate and jump start the planning process and keep it on track. We conduct research, help set goals, identify opportunities and create scenarios, formulate action plans, draft the overall plans at firm, practice group and individual levels, design follow-up and measurement systems, and monitor and follow-up on achievements realized.

Our strategy and competitive business models services provides our clients with new ideas and insights in the following areas:

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Olmstead & Associates has over 25 years experience helping law firms take control of their future. We’ll help you create and implement methodologies and strategic plans that provide you with a sustainable competitive advantage.

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