The day-to-day stress of practicing law and serving clients leaves little time for focusing and investing in the future of the firm. When attorneys exhibit the following it may be time for a coach:

  1. Stuck and unable to move forward on new initiatives
  2. Indecision paralysis.
  3. Lack of commitment, inertia, self-accountability or follow-up
  4. Poor implementation skills
  5. Lack of management, leadership, interpersonal, or other needed skills.

Program Overview

Our coaching program has been developed to provide attorneys with one-on-one coaching to help them get “unstuck” and move forward in reinventing both themselves and their law practices. Many attorneys are struggling with actually making the changes required to transform both themselves and their law practices into competitive 21st century law practices. Acquiring new clients, client relationship building, client service, firm leadership marketing, and practice diversification are just a few of the concerns. Often the problem involves lack of commitment, inertia, implementation and follow-up. The coaching program is designed to assist attorneys in implementing skill development, true personal and professional change and expanding their capacity for action.

Coaching engagements are custom tailored to each client and situation. Since follow-up and true personal change is so important, coaching programs are typically designed to be ongoing in nature over a period of three months or longer.

Delivery Options

In order to support local, national, and international clients as well as the unique schedules of attorneys, several delivery methods are available including in-person sessions, telephone sessions, and e-mail. Evening and weekend sessions can be arranged.

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