Thomas J. Venardos Biography

Thomas J. Venardos, Ed.D is a management consultant, author, and professor. He specializes in organizational and staff development with an emphasis on creating higher performance standards and preparing the organization for successful functioning in the future.

Dr. Venardos has over 25 years of experience in providing seminars, lectures and training to law and other professional practice groups, business, educational institutions, governmental agencies and health care facilities across the United States and internationally. He has conducted over 1500 management training seminars. He has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in applied psychology and management. He has been an adjunct professor with: The University of New Mexico, Eastern Washington University and Chapman University. Currently he is an adjunct professor with Century University. Dr. Venardos is an adjunct consultant with Olmstead and Associates Management Consultants in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dr. Venardos received his doctorate from the University of New Mexico in 1972 in counseling and applied psychology. He is considered an authority on teaching innovations with adult learners, responsive management practices, leadership selection and development, establishing ethical standards and codes of conduct for managers, team development and performance measurement outcomes. He is the author of The Responsive Management Manual (1994) and Consulting Success Using Higher Performance Standards (1997). He serves on numerous business, consulting and educational committees.

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