Law Firm Profit Improvement Programs


How Well Are You Doing?

These are challenging times for attorneys. Are you:

  1. Frustrated with the amount of money you are making and taking home?
  2. Unsure whether you are competitive with other law firms?
  3. Taking advantage of some of the management “Best Practices” being used by successful law firms and possibly your competitors?
  4. Concerned about getting a handle on and controlling the financial aspects of your firm?
  5. Uncertain about the future and long-term direction of your firm?
  6. Frustrated with the lack of accountability of other attorneys and staff?
  7. Effectively Managing your time?
  8. Getting and keeping clients?
  9. Balancing your work and life?
  10. Planning for your practice exit?

Our practice management review and audit provides our clients with an objective clear assessment of the firm’s practices and performance and outlines a plan for implementing “Best Practices”. The assessment focuses on:

Deliverables Include:

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  • The best decision when we were considering succession planning was to hire you and your firm. 
  • Curt Tobin
    Tobin & Ramon

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